A one time web design fee plus a monthly fee from Homestead and YOU own your own site.

First I help you pick the plan with Homestead or Intuit that is right for you.
This is a monthly fee and "may" have a $20 one time setup fee. Or I can host the site on my account for free and please note that the web address will have Homestead.com at the end of it if doing so.

These are my one time website design fees:

Website Design plus 5 web pages         $200

Each additional page after 5                  $25  each
By the hour by phone                            $30

On site by the hour (If feasible)                 $60
Quality & Affordable Website Designs
Website Designed by Donna Rubens
Please note all research and text for website is done by consumer. You will need a Credit or Debit card for the Homestead/Intuit monthly fee. I prefer Postal Money Order but take Cash or Check for Design fee.
Monthly Unlimited Update Option           $ Price Varies
                                                                                   Call for price quote  
This is a monthly fee for those who have websites that require monthly changes. This gives you unlimited changes through Phone & Email support.       
If you don't see a plan that works for you, please call so I can make one custom to fit YOUR individual needs.
All website packages come with 30 days FREE Phone and Email support to change, correct or add to website.
If you don't want to pay the Homestead or Intuit monthly hosting charge, I can host your website for you.