Helpful Tips
1. Keep website easy to navigate and simple to use. If you make it hard to navigate it may not bring you any                business or return visits.

2. Remember, not everyone has DSL or cable, so keep the flashy special effects to a minimum so it doesn't take        long to load. If the people that come to your site can't quickly assess your page or even get knocked offline              because you have too much "stuff" on your site, it won't bring you any business or return visits.  Each graphic,          special effect and audio file adds significantly to your load time. If this is not taken into consideration, the                  website is not useful to your prospective clients and therefore not helpful to you.

3. Keep the clutter away. Websites should be pleasing to the eye and not to busy.

4. Have pictures? All text and no photos is boring. People like pictures.

5. Keep off-site links updated. If you are going to have links to other sites you must make a regular habit of                  checking them to make sure they still exist.

6. Keep your info current. Address, Phone/Fax/Cell numbers, Email address, Portfolio, Testimonials, Etc.....

7. Pick a plan/web designer that gives you the option to make changes yourself so you are not held hostage to           your web designer for changes.

8. Last but not least, We all make mistakes so hit spell check often, LOL.

   I hope this helps you with your website designing.  Even if  you choose someone else to design your website it        is my hope that you get the website of your dreams. Good Luck!
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